art & design


"My art is simply a reflection of how I see the world. For me, illustrating is the easiest way to communicate. I use cartoon imagery, my sense of humor and my imagination to express my thoughts. The world around me is the reference I use to create my art."

Alvin Hernandez is a Miami based artist/illustrator. He attended at Miami International University of Art and Design, where he studied Visual Arts (BFA). His art is a mixture of Cartooning and Surrealism, with a touch of humor. His inspiration comes from his everyday experiences, which he uses as reference to create his art. A lot of his work is inspired by his favorite artists like Gary Larson, Rene Magritte and Salvador Dali. 

Alvin has worked alongside with renowned artist, David "LEBO" LeBatard, he has painted a 13ft Gibson guitar for Telemundo, performed live at different venues for Bacardi. Alvin has also donated his art to charity for the  JT Foundation, Blueapple Poetry, Guitar Over Guns Organization. 

Recently, he illustrated 18 songs and designed the album cover for latin singer Ricardo Arjona. At the same time he designed an album for upcoming rapper Wordsplayed ft. Andy Mineo. Alvin enjoys working and collaborating with others who are as passionate as him. Catch him live painting throughout the art community of Miami.